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fingerprint of destiny book cover

Hope’s Point Press: Creative Works about Long Island

Hope’s Point Press is a small electronic publisher dedicated to publishing creative works that
take place on Long Island. It was founded by Laura Schofer in 2012. These books explore the
political, social, historical and personal landscape of America’s first suburb – a place where the
American dream, sometimes golden, sometimes tarnished, lives on.

Hope’s Point Press books seek to tell Long Island’s story – how this long sliver of land shaped like
a fish and surrounded by water has shaped the history and lives of the people who live here.

Hope’s Point Press Ltd published its first novel, “The Fingerprint of Destiny” by Laura Schofer in June of 2013.

Hope’s Point Press is named after the fictionalized community of Hope’s Point, Long Island. The publisher
will post images of this Long Island town to give readers a sense of place. These images may be mundane
and gritty or charming and pastoral and are taken from many Long Island locations.

Currently the publisher is exploring lighthouses and the watery landscape that surrounds Long Island.


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