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Hope’s Point Press: Fingerprint of Destiny

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"The Fingerprint of Destiny” is a story of arson, murder, love and obsession. In the small suburban community of
Hope's Point, Long Island something has gone horribly wrong. A series of arsons in landmark homes, now run
down and over run by Latino immigrants, is destroying the community. Ellie Sinclair is the troubled,
almost middle-aged publisher of a small town newspaper struggling to make ends meet. The arsons are
just another story, until her estranged mother, Hortensia Borgias Sinclair, returns to town and dies in the latest arson.

Is Hortensia’s violent death her destiny, as she always claimed it would be or is it something more insidious?
Through a series of twists and turns, Ellie must find out who is behind the arsons and why. She must shine
a light in the dark places of her town, the slums and factories, where Latino immigrants struggle to make a
life in suburban America.

And then there is a larger mystery to be solved. All the women in Ellie’s family are born with a small red
birthmark on their left arm, a signature called the Fingerprint of Destiny. In a series of flashbacks, interspersed
throughout the novel, we learn about the violent fate of the other women in Ellie’s family. These stories are filled
with adventure, magic, murder, retribution, love, war and an obsession that spans the centuries and take us
from the jungles and plains of Venezuela to a pristine community of suburban New York. Ellie must figure
out not only the present mystery but also her past and future. Can Ellie carve out a life for herself or will she
succumb to the Fingerprint of Destiny?

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